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My top priority as a leader in our community is to protect those members of society that need it most. I have focused my career on ensuring the safety of our children while advocating for the elderly.

Renee Headshot2Senator Unterman has focused her legislative efforts on helping those that are most vulnerable. Renee is passionate about protecting Georgia’s children and has championed numerous pieces of legislation advocating for our youth. Deemed as the, “Year of The Child”, Senator Unterman was instrumental in the passage meaningful legislation such as, Ava’s Law, Haliegh’s Hope and Rachel’s Law.  Senator Unterman has also pushed for sound policies concerning Georgia’s aging population. With a background in healthcare, Renee has unique insight in to what our elderly community needs. She has been recognized by numerous organizations across the state for her efforts within the Georgia Senate.

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Excellence in Education

Protection of the Elderly Community

Protection of Children

Sound Health Care for Georgia Citizens

Sanctity of Life

Lower Taxes

Economic Growth & Development

Public Health Prevention

Public Safety

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