Unterman LindseyI am a firm believer that if you talk the talk, you should walk the walk. Throughout my life, personally and professionally, I have always believed in serving the community. I am grateful that I have been able to do so in many capacities over the years. Whether working on projects geared towards helping the elderly, our children, or helping those in need, there are many organizations that are near and dear to my heart.


National Conference of Legislators

National Hunger Partnership–  Co-Founder


I have personally been involved with the National Conference of State Legislatures since the beginning of my service in the General Assembly. NCSL has a number of wonderful programs and I am humbled to have served on their Board of Directors. Through my work with NCSL I had the opportunity to co-found and continue work  in a national hunger partnership program which is dedicated to ending this epidemic. No child or person should go hungry.  

NCSL Partnership

NCSL Hunger Packing Bags

Making Hunger Snack Bags during the NCSL Conference

NCSL Backpack-serving homeless youth

 National Conference for Legislators; Hepatitis C Biology BasicsHep C

Meals on Wheels


Through my work in the public sector I have had the privilege of ensuring our Gwinnett citizens are taken care of. I have been passionately working to protect, advocate and help funding efforts for Meals for Wheels for a number of years. This is a fantastic program that is dedicated to delivering meals to those who are in need. 

Dream come true! Commercial kitchen expansion for Gwinnett County Meals on Wheels.

Commercial kitchen expansion for Gwinnett Meals on Wheels.

Meals on Wheels2

Georgia Department of Community Health; Safe Sleep Program

safe sleep DCH

Did you know that Georgia has one of the largest mortality rates due to infants suffocating while sleeping with their parents? These deaths are terrible and preventable. Many Georgia families simply can’t afford cribs or bassinets needed to keep their children in safe sleeping quarters. I have recently partnered with DCH in an effort to raise awareness and funding for the safe sleep program. A contribution of $25 can provide a bassinet for families in need and save a child’s life.   

Sound Healthcare Policy Activism

 While in office, I have had the opportunity to actively push for sound healthcare policy on the local and federal level. My background in the medical field paired with my knowledge of how the public sector works, I have been able to help ensure that officials on the local and federal level are well informed regarding healthcare issues. 


STREET GRACE; Board of Advisers



 Mentor-ship Work

Mentor Quotes

Growing up I had a number of mentors, personally and professionally. I know that I would not be where I am today had it not been for the support, guidance and support of those I looked up to. In the political arena, Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher were great leaders, and personal heroes, that I have always admired. I have been honored over the years to take part in many mentoring programs. I am firm believer that if a child has someone who believes in them, their potential is limitless. I have been thrilled to take on that role and believe in these great kids who I know, will make a difference. And on a personal note, I will always be grateful to those who believed in me…   



Unterman Mentors